3 ways I use Google Sheets for better SEO

Posted by Rob

Google Sheets is an amazing application. As both an SEO manager and website entrepreneur, I rely on a lot of tools to help me better manage, optimize and report my efforts. However, Google Sheets is the tool I use the most. What makes it so special is that its cloud-based and has easy to use add-ons - add-ons are like Wordpress plugins. These 2 things make Google Sheets an insanely powerful tool.

Here are 3 ways I use Google Sheets to better my SEO efforts:

1. Dashboards and Reporting with Analytics Addon

I manage a lot of websites. Over 20 to be exact. So a large portion of my time is spent trying to gather and analyze data. The Google Analytics addon is a huge time saver. Using this addon I am able to import all the analytics data I need from every website I manage. From there, I create a Topline Report. The Topline Report is a simple one sheet that has all the main KPIs I monitor. Every Monday, I log in and review my KPIs (very important). This probably saves me 2-3 hours a week. Read more: https://developers.google.com/analytics/solutions/google-analytics-spreadsheet-add-on

2. Reviewing Meta Information with ImportXML

Reviewing your site and competitor meta information quarterly is good practice. The ImportXML function is basically a web scraping function. This function can help you verify your meta information but also give insights into what keywords your competitors are targeting. It has the ability to fetch and retrieve information such as all the URLs in a sitemap, a page's title, H1s, and more. Example code: =ImportXML(“http://www.yourcompetitordomain.com/sitemap.xml”,”//url/loc”) or =IMPORTXML(“https://moz.com/blog/the-technical-seo-renaissance”,”//h1”) I use this function to import all the URLs in a given sitemap. After the URLs are imported, I fetch the meta information such as H1 and Page Title.
Read more: [http://christonard.com/scraping-page-title-meta-description-with-google-docs/ ]

3. Archiving Google Search Console data with Search Analytics addon

Google Search Console has really great keyword insights and page performance details regarding your website. There are lots of data points like what keywords are in postilions 10-20, what pages have top rankings but low CTR, what are the most important keywords. However, one of the big issues is the data only goes back 90 days. Because of this, SEOrs like myself, have to manually download the data every month or so. However, using the Search Analytics addon we can query the GSC API and automatically import the data and archive it. This is a huge time saver. It's also free.
Read more: https://searchanalyticsforsheets.com/

There are lots of more ways to use Google Sheets for better SEO results. These are just the 3 main ways I use Google Sheets. If you like this list or want to add more insights, then leave a comment below.


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