Rob Duncan

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Personal Projects
301 Checker

A simple tool that does 1 thing: it takes a URL and shows you the entire path of redirects that leads to the final destination. It helps SEOs and other digital experts diganiois if redirects are set up correctly.
Online CPR Certification

A personal project of mine. This website offers offers online CPR and First Aid certification. I manage every aspect of this website from design, code, optimization and hosting.
Wi-Fi Login Page

A tool I created after being frustrated of not being able to get to Wi-Fi login pages. The tool refreshes the browser tab, which in return redirects a user to the Wi-Fi login page.

Cattle for Sale

Classified website where users can buy and sell catlle online.


Hi, you can call me Rob. I'm a digital transformation leader. I help organizations find their voice, presense, and users. I spend my time at AT&T leading digital strategies.

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