Hi! Call me Rob.
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I improve organizations by educating them on the voice of the customer. I spend most of my time at AT&T.

Things I can do


I have been doing SEO and SEM for 10+ years. It is how I began my career. I enjoy how every project is new and different.


I'm fluent in HTML and CSS. JavaScript and PHP are my secondary languages. I'm currently teaching myself Python.

Machine Learning

My focus area right now. I'm learning about the different models and methods that can be applied in data science.


Too many to list: Adobe Cloud, Marketo, Salesforce, WordPress, Drupal, Google Suite, Mixpanel, plus more.

A Few Projects

Cheap CPR Certification

301 Checker

A tool to help SEOs see if links correctly 301 redirect.

Link: 301 Checker

Wi-Fi Login Page

Wi-Fi Login Page

A simple website which refreshes so users can go the Wi-Fi login page to connect to the internet.

Link: Wi-Fi Login Page

Doors in Dallas

Doors in Dallas

A photoblog of some cool doors in Dallas.

Link: Doors in Dallas

Cattle for Sale

Cattle for Sale

Marketplace to buy and sell cattle online.

Link: Cattle for Sale

Contact Me

Let's chat. I like new projects and good debates.